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How to get to Split?

The city at the foot of hill Marjan is accessible by the road known as «the Adriatic Coastal Road» or by other roads that connect the gateways of continental Croatia with Split. From Zagreb to Rijeka it takes about 5 hours by car, and from Dubrovnik 4 hours. You can get to Split also by ferry lines all along the coast, from Rijeka or Dubrovnik, from all the islands, but also from neighbouring Italy whose cities are well connected to Split by fast passenger and car ferry lines.

Split Airport connects the city not only with Zagreb a few times daily, but also with European capitals. You can also get from Split to the North of the country and further on to Europe by rail, and can also put your personal vehicle on the train if necessary.

How to locate / find hotel Consul?

Hotel Consul, 34 Tršćanska Ulica, is located at a 10 minute walk from the old Split city centre, and its attractivnes is enhanced also by the closeness of the main roads that connect all parts of the city.

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If you've come to Split by bus, train, ship or plane, we offer a transfer service to the hotel.

About Split

This eternally youthful city, with its inhabitants, exhales the warm Mediterannean temperament and has lived in its urban rythm for more that 1700 years, its heart in Diocletian's Palace and a soul that welcomes you with warmth and with wide open arms. more